My name is Rob and I’m a furniture maker. Let me start by telling you that I’m not a professional furniture maker. Although I do design, build, and sell wooden things, I don’t rely on the craft to make a living - I have a day job for that.  So why am I doing my best to convince you that I’m an “amateur”?  Because I never have to sacrifice quality or design for efficiency or productivity. 

Production furniture is designed and built to eliminate risk and reduce waste and effort.  All good causes, but I believe that human beings are driven to seek out art and beauty, and beautiful things by their very nature can’t be mass-produced.  I treat my work as art rather than construction, and as such I never make compromises to speed up production or optimize materials.  I take risks in my design and use techniques and tools to create unique elements that could never be applied in a production environment.  Simply put, you can’t buy this stuff in a store!

I am continually coming up with new concepts and designs and challenging myself to produce pieces of furniture that better combine beauty, quality, and craftsmanship.  And I hope what I produce is distinctive enough, interesting enough, and beautiful enough that you will want to display it in your own home.  Thanks for interest in my work.